About Us

This blog is formed by a group of journalists. They are now working in different renowned newspapers magazines. They have come together and created this site to help people know more about journalism. Many journalists use unethical practices of journalism for money. This blog encourages publishing true news and stories without fabricating it.

This blog is aimed to help people learn how they can use the modern media and platform for their journalism work. We provide constructive suggestions for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other social platforms. We give advice on how to build a better experience online and offline.

Journalism is a very responsible and exciting profession. As so many platforms are available now for getting news, it can be a hard job dealing with so many types of audience and grabbing their attention. If you are in the journalism and media profession, you will learn a lot from this blog. We update our blog regularly. By visiting our blog regularly, you will be able to get updates from the journalism world.