Top 5 ways publishers can develop credibility through transparency

It is important to develop trust between journalists and communities. It has been a prime objective of journalism in the past and even now. Though information and news are changing, the trust factor remains. Transparency is publishing news will help to develop this trust. Here are five ways journalists can earn the trust of the people.

Show the sources

This is an important way to build trust in reporting. Digital platforms don’t have any constraints like TV, radio or print media. They have more freedom and offer opportunities to include and share the source material so that the audience can understand the authenticity of the news. Hyperlink is a powerful way to refer to the sources.

Collaborate with audience

You shouldn’t think people as consumers only. They can have the expertise and knowledge that can help with the journalist’s work. So, you should include your community in the reporting and publishing of news.

Offer disclosures

You should add a disclosure to your content when you have personal connections to sources, organisational links to sources, limitations of data, an unusual method of gathering information, etc. It should be placed within the content or at the bottom of the page.

Curate and attribute information

You should cite your sources and provide a roadmap that leads back to all people you contacted, the documents you read, etc. You should also mention about the research that helped your work.

Fix the website and social media errors

Errors in journalism can create a bad impression. You should make every effort to prevent these errors. You should verify facts before reporting. News organisations should track the rates of error of individual reporters and provide training if necessary. If errors are made, you should correct them. It will show that you are accountable and transparent.

Journalists are adapting and improving the frameworks for transparency and accountability in all platforms. Journalists must be truth seekers, and they must be honest with their audiences.