Top 5 ways publishers can develop credibility through transparency

It is important to develop trust between journalists and communities. It has been a prime objective of journalism in the past and even now. Though information and news are changing, the trust factor remains. Transparency is publishing news will help to develop this trust. Here are five ways journalists can earn the trust of the people.

Show the sources

This is an important way to build trust in reporting. Digital platforms don’t have any constraints like TV, radio or print media. They have more freedom and offer opportunities to include and share the source material so that the audience can understand the authenticity of the news. Hyperlink is a powerful way to refer to the sources.

Collaborate with audience

You shouldn’t think people as consumers only. They can have the expertise and knowledge that can help with the journalist’s work. So, you should include your community in the reporting and publishing of news.

Offer disclosures

You should add a disclosure to your content when you have personal connections to sources, organisational links to sources, limitations of data, an unusual method of gathering information, etc. It should be placed within the content or at the bottom of the page.

Curate and attribute information

You should cite your sources and provide a roadmap that leads back to all people you contacted, the documents you read, etc. You should also mention about the research that helped your work.

Fix the website and social media errors

Errors in journalism can create a bad impression. You should make every effort to prevent these errors. You should verify facts before reporting. News organisations should track the rates of error of individual reporters and provide training if necessary. If errors are made, you should correct them. It will show that you are accountable and transparent.

Journalists are adapting and improving the frameworks for transparency and accountability in all platforms. Journalists must be truth seekers, and they must be honest with their audiences.

Top 5 tools journalists should experiment with

There are many tools available to journalists for sourcing, reporting, producing and publishing stories. These tools can be used to uncover insightful information and stories about society. Following are the best tools for journalism today.

Advanced Google Search

Google offers many tricks that a journalist can take advantage of. They can use the search operators lie web search, image search, groups, news, etc. to find the exact information they are looking for. You can find information that is in hidden deep inside websites using these search tools.

Advanced Twitter Search

Journalists should use Twitter to find stories, tips, etc. Different tools are available to make your task easy, like Tweetdeck. It watches various customised Twitter feeds based on the searches. You can form your list of Twitter accounts and follow those.


It helps people search for geolocated posts on social media. It is a free service that can return tweets posted from a specific location within a specified period. With the premium service of Echosec, you can open up other networks like Sina Weibo, YouTube, and more.

It contains a huge amount of public and private data present in the 21st century. It holds various sources and news stories. It contains more than 400 sources of data from every part of the world.


It is a mobile app that can live stream from a smartphone device. It has transformed the world of broadcasting. It has a smooth interface and good social media integration.

Developers are coming up with latest tools to help in the work of journalism. These tools are very sophisticated and produced great results. These tools will help to carry out journalism more effectively.…

Top 4 differences between old and new media

Most of the news we get now are forwarded through email and social networking sites. The old media, that is, print, TV, and radio, has become a second-tier platform. There are many differences between the old and new media practices.

Success is differently measured

Media no longer rely on one or two metrics to drive businesses. New media focuses on metrics like social shares, reader dialogue, etc. these are considered very important to measure the success of the publication.

New media emphasises on community building

Most media now focuses on community development. They open up opportunities for long-term loyalty. These communities often generate positive vibes which help in journalism. The opposite can also happen, though.

New media sites are producing more revenue channels

There are sites that provide information, news, advice, and even merchandising. Selling a product that is appealing to a publication’s audience has become very common. So, you can now use media sites to produce more revenue.

Mobile friendliness

There are many apps that help in journalism. Apps are used as a distribution channel or creating content taking the mobile-first mindset into consideration. Different media company uses different approaches in this regard.

The journalism sector has evolved due to technology. Online community is one of the largest audience groups today. The way we consume news, interact with media, etc. has changed drastically due to technology. As we now get news from so many sources, it is important to ensure that the news is authentic and transparent.…