Useful links

Journalism is evolving due to technology. People are using different platforms to publish their news and trying to engage the customers. If you are in the journalism profession or just curious to know about the developments in this field then here are some useful links that can help you.


It is a destination for analysis about media and technology. It tells how the media landscape is shifting and changing the way we get news and information. You will learn how the traditional medi are dealing with the digital platforms and adopting their business models accordingly.

Online Journalism Blog

This blog publishes analysis, comments, links, etc. covering online journalism, data journalism, citizen journalism, podcasts, interactive storytelling, publishing, and more.

Journalist’s Resource

It is a project of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center and the Carnegie-Knight Initiative. It is an open-access site that holds scholarly reports and articles. The site highlights the latest studies from academia. The database of this site contains the best governmental and academic research.

Journalist’s Toolbox

This site is built to encourage free practice of journalism and high levels of ethical behaviour. It promotes a free flow of information that is important. The site is aimed to educate journalists through professional development.

These sites are very useful for journalists. They will be able to learn a lot about journalism and importance of good journalism practices.